opeth song by opethians

I actually have a program on which I can enter music and it plays it for me, (midi quality, but it's clear), that's a possibility, (it's free).

PowerTab? in that case did you know about it from Deaths warp?
nice page there they posted a tab i sended on the main tab page and not on the pit...

And yea power tab its good but it could really use some other midi instrument that at least sounds like a guitar

Is it possible to send a MIDI file to figure out the timing, and a tab, so that the person doing the recording can do it on his/her own ?

Use that PowerTab software http://powertab.guitarnetwork.org
From what you say it sounds like the thing you just need
You might need to learn note figures and stuff to do precise timing but it shouldnt be that hard
I was actually referring to Harmony Assistant, Misanthrope. I posted a link if anyone is interested in getting the program. You can enter something into it in music notation form, and it can play what you put into it. There are a bunch of different instruments, even drums, though quality of the instruments could be better, it is definitely useable. There is even a way to make it soun like a distorted guitar, kinda.
I use Harmony Assistant also, and its a great program, with <gasp> good sound quality. ANyways, I would love to be part of this, sounds like a lot of fun, just some hard work.
Well, it's not the rogram that makes it sound good, it's your soundcard and midi drivers, all that stuff. It might sound good on one computer, and like crap on a nother if you play the same file there. But, we aren't really looking for quality are we??? We just need the actual notes so they can be understood, and in time ntil we reach the point of being ready to record.
Could we all use guitar pro 3?.......its an easy program to use.....and then someone ( eg. Your band....) learns the tabs/song and records it?
I can even upload the crack for the demo version here.
Hey, I'd be into this. Using TABs and getting someone to do the final thing would be easier, though. Emailing MP3s can be tricky, they tend to get expanded during email, and can end up larger (during transit) than they started. This then causes problems at the recipients end, as email servers tend to have a size limit.....
But, what they hey.....

And also, recording drum tracks after guitar tracks is a complete nightmare (I found out the hard way...). So...... what tuning does everyone use?:D