Guitarists, read ! :)

I don't like the idea of this being a "song", because of how many different playing styles and especially different guitar tones there would be, it would totally kill all ability of it actually being a song. It would just be hard to listen to, but go for it. I did something like this once, but one person did the whole rhythm track, so it came together quite nicely, but with these changes I doubt it will work.
Right, the quality-loss would be rather big.. But the tab works well, esp considering we got nice tools like guitarpro/powertab now. Passing around such a file would be quite neat, but a bit more pointless :)
If we were to do this, I'd want to keep it at minimum 16/44.1 in wavs.. one main guy collecting all the parts and glueing them together in Cubase (or similar).. quickly mixing down and sending to the next to record.. that person records a wav-file and sends it back to the main guy (carefully noting exactly at what time his clip is supposed to click in)... main guy mixes down quickly again, and sends to the next guy in line, etc.

In this way, the main guy (whoever it is) can make sure it all fits together.. mixing it all properly when it's all done and then polishing it with some mastering after that
I would like to contribute some material to this project, Hm, posted 3 years ago, how much serious interest is there still?

I use sonic foundry ACID 4 and wouldn't mind helping mix some takes etc.

Has anybody recorded anything or written anything yet?

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everyone says they are in but does anyone have a rhythm track to start out with?
Also a drum track would be nice, even if it were just a basic brum machine program.
I have cubase and a drum machine (which i almost have the hang of) plus guitar and bass.
If someone were to get the ball rolling with a rhythm track consisting of either guitar or bass (drums would be nice but i could manage a temporary solution) i can handle the compiling and mixing of the project. unless someone else wants to of course.
I suppose when someone mails me a track a project will begin. I wont rush it but i wont let it die either. my good email is
When or if i get a track i will inform this thread but might need to collaborate with someone on a simple web site for the project, which i dont have the energy or time to learn how to create.
My AIM is Dwnturn
I'm in. What about Guitar Pro for the basic composition ? That would give the maximum quality, because the person with the best recording possibilities could record the stuff.
Additionally the GP-Files are quite low regarding their size. That's also a big plus. What about an IRC Channel for this "project" ?
By the way, just random question.. is this song supposed to be an opeth song or just a random collaboration, say, a la probot? anyhow, I have some basic crap Ive been working on which I've put on ym site if anyone wants to get an idea...

one idea of mine has been to record deliverence and track the drums (since i don thave a dummer) ;p

other one is just riffs ive put to a tracked drum section..

..For drummers, how about starting out with a basic drum pattern and structure together a song, then let the guitarists play with it? that would be a good idea .. hand it over to a bassist, vocalist whatever.. eh?
I don't like the idea of a mindless thrown-together song. It would be very helpful to lay down the composition scheme, mood and lyrical concept first.