If anyone cares....Ozzfest Lineup Announced

I think tickets for general lawn seating range from $30 to $30. Expect to pay at least $100 for a pit ticket, and the other seating is in between those two.
And that of course doesn't include water, merchandise, parking, etc.

Pit tickets will sell out, and if you miss them and want one you'll be paying up to $200 on Ebay for one.

I don't think it's worth it, at least not for me.
Once again, Florida gets the shit end of the stick.

Maiden is obligated by contract to cancel the latter 7 dates of the tour due to previously scheduled commitments in the homeland.

Amusing anecdote. A good friend of mine attended the Maiden/ Dio/ Motorhead concert in Madison Square Garden roughly a year ago. He managed to secure backstage passes, partly as a result of his job at an underground metal radio station down here, and partly due to his long-running correspondence with local Florida resident Nicko McBrain. To make a lengthy conversation short, when asked why they hadn't toured in Florida since the Blaze era, Harris responded, and I quote, "We don't like Florida."

Something about a bad turn-out during one of the Blaze shows. Go figure.
Christie_fell said:
It totally blows how a band just skips entire states.

Oh, man, the day when everyone found out Ozzfest was skipping Georgia was always a great day...seeing all the frustrated children, wheeeeeee....