If Mikael died?

:eek: Dude! Don't even suggest that! No one could replace Mikael, I have a feeling Opeth would be put to rest if he did. Either that, or a non-writer guitarist would play music all written by Peter.

I have also thought "that would really be a blow to the world if Mikael died," but I don't like to even consider it. I like to believe that Opeth will live forever and make 15 more albums! with 20 Opeth albums, who needs other music? But anyway, I dearly hope Mikael doesn't have one of those freak accidents so many musicians have.
Possibly Peter conjoined with Dan Swano.

Opeth of course would shade a very different color, as different as Fall is to Summer. But I think it's possilbe to sustain the "opethness" in the band should it continue to go on without mikael.

No Mikael = No Opeth

It would be another band - maybe with the Opeth name still attached - but NO band is EVER the same once a member has been replaced.
The answer is simple. No one!
He is thier singer & songwriter. If they would continue to play music after that, (even together) they would be a different band and have a different name.
>If Mikael died...

...then Opeth would die without ever having released a bad album! =)

I like bands who quit before they go ~~~\____.
Opeth would die without ever having released a bad album!

Very true, Protocol. That is something to be proud of.

I think im with Hoser: Mikael's death would be just cause for wishing death, unless someone can take the reins in the music industry, and begin to be as magnificent as Opeth (doubtful)
what!!!!!!!! mike is dead? nooooooooooooooooooooo! well actually no. but please dont say that again, this has just come to me, what if mikeal reads this? that would be freaky for him, like if i read one saying i would die, hmn. you cant replace him although i would still love to see an opeth album with no lyrics, it would be truly brilliant just to listen to opeth without lyrics, having said that they do , do that in most songs for a couple of minutes at a time.
Of course you can't replace him , but you can always clone the guy , and raise him with the same influences as the original mikael . You would never know how it would turn out , would the music be better or worse?

Anyway , that would take a while to do but.........Steve wilson could pull of the vocals I think , and Dan Swano has written alot of opethiesh stuff on Crimson , and i'm sure he could do better and sound more like Opeth , analyze there every chord change and progression and get it down path , then see if he could do it .

And i'm sure Peter could write some Opeth stuff . I personally don't believe that Peter didn't have any input on the writting of everything after Mayh
yea well no opeth would be done with... shit... opeth would be done!!!! nobody can sing like mikael.... nobody can write like mikael (lyrics or music) ...... what would be the point of continuing the band??? i mean... drummers / bassists is one thing... but then when it comes to the lead vocals / lead guitars / leader of the band.... its just not replacable
NOT REPLACABLE, some of you are forgetting that Mikael writes all the music then presents it to the band and it may change, but very little, they dont really even practice. he puts it all together and they learn it then go to the studio. i read that in an interview with him. it would be disrespectful for them to go on without him.
Mikael dying, wow... that would be almost as bad as Robert Jordan dying before he completes TWoT.