If you like it low you will like that!


Jun 29, 2005
Esslingen, Germany

You can buy it here for example:

New Ibanez 8 String is out now, not a guitar for me, I am not a friend of ultra low tunings, everything lower than A is too low for me (to play, not to listen when it's played :D ).
What do you think of this release?
Is there a need for a guitar tuned down to F that is avaibale for everybody?
I like Meshuggah, and I like Fear Factory and so on but the most songs could be played on a baritone 6 string I believe, there are only a few bands I know that use those low tunings and use all strings, Strapping Young Lad for example (only in a few songs, I know :D ).
1. Ekkkk its an Ibanez
2. To low for my taste - there is this amazing thing called a bass if people have forgotten.
3. Ekkkk its an Ibanez
Y'know, I've always thought of seven strings more as a way to play higher. I mean... if I want to play low notes, which I often do, I just tune a guitar down. I just put one into B this afternoon actually. It's then way easier than a 7 or 8 string for low notes. What I lose by tuning down, is 5, or in this case 10 notes at the TOP of my guitar. I guess it's just a different perspective really, coming from a rhythm player. Dunno why I wrote this anyway, not like it matters to anyone else :D
I think I know what you mean. You have much more options soloing and such when you use a seven string than when you use a six string tuned to B. 8 string sounds like fun to fuck around with, but if I actually used one I can only imagine using the eighth string in a couple crazy sections of songs. Never a whole song, much less a whole project. It's cool that they're available though. Maybe you could string it so that it's a seven string with an A string on top so you could go higher?
I think Vai tried that with the first recent (ie non-jazz) 7 strings but they kept breaking. Probably had to me a 6 gauge or something...
I dig it! I hated 7 strings when eveyone started using them. Now I think like Weeface said, You got your original 6 strings that aren't fucked with( normal 6 instead of all tuned down and fatter gauged) so you can rip leads pretty comfortable, and have the other world of the B and lower. I get it now!:lol: FUCK!!o_O
I already own three of these and the are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of course i tune then to an open "G" banjo tuning and also put a sitar buzz block under the bridge to get that extra FLAVA FLAV YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mega poly-rythmic silly riffs!!!! HAHA

Love Curran

P.S. I can bearly get six and seven strings to work for me like I need an extra fucking string in my way
Sure thing Curran. I didnt realize who you were for a minute. I saw you on the DHIADW tour, so... you know yer way around those guitars.