String Gauge for low C tuning or B?


Feb 5, 2010
Cluj Napoca, Romania
Hi everyone!
i need advice , i got a jackson DKMG string guitar and want to go to a lower C maybe B tuning, what string gauge it is the best for these tunings?
What are nowadays the most used tunings on Guitar in metal?
well... which is it? C/B standard? Open C/B? Drop C/B?

Thats going to play a major role in what string gauges... typically people here use .52 - .70 for C/B... I would say the only way for you to know for sure is start with a set of .12's and work your way up from there until you're comfortable. A proper setup is going to be needed to make everything feel/play awesome... so get ready to either do it yourself or pay someone to do it.
Most used tunings?
I don't really think there are "most used" tunings, everything from E standard to F below standard E is stuff you hear in metal these days is your friend. I suggest 12-60 or something. I use an elixir 12-68 set but im crazy. I'm also considering downsizing, 68 is a little overkill although it feels REAL nice for the picking hand!
yeah, go with 12-60, or close to that. I found that buying ernie ball 7 string packs (the purple ones) worked good for down tuning a 6 string. if you go heavier (baritone slinky) the sets start to get more costly. you will definitely want a wound g string.
for drop c tuning i exclusively use these:

What kind of gauge do you like in E to have as a reference?

For instance, I like 10-52 in E/Drop D, so I assembled a custom set of D'Addarios that is 11-56 for Drop C, which more or less is about the same tension. :)