In Memorium - Local Seattle Death

I have met them a couple of times at their gigs and bothered Mike K. for probably two months about getting merchandise. In Memorium were going through some problems with the disc to be copied and the killer t-shirt graphics.
But when I got everything from Mike Krutsinger, I couldn't have been more pleased.
All of the members of IM are great people!

The newest release "From Misery....Comes Darkness" is completely sold out!
All of the lyrics for From Misery are now on the website. Most if not all written by Nihilist himself.
Talked to Caleb of IM at the Dimmu, Nevermore show. He's already working on new material. I'm sure the new album is a ways off, but damn it's going to good!
Yes but what sux is since Mike/Nihilist is moving to NJ in a couple of months. In Memorium will become a "Studio band" like Darkthrone. :(

Oh well, at least I have seen my friends band play about 15 times. It was awesome seeing them open for Hammerfall and Death in 99 at the Graceland. (Then known as SubZero)


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With all the projects Nihilst has been spreading hate in lately, and the new Final Perdition, who knows what will happen. Guess us fans will have to wait and see what comes of the Abazagorath tour.
Is the line-up the same as that which finished "An Ancient Word?"
Mike K. is currently working on some new shit with the vocalist from WOODROT. This project should yield some prestigious results.
My pleasure -
Nevermore can open for In Memorium anytime. IM's logo stickers are killer! My bro has one posted on his new Duret Monoski and the other I've stuck to my auto. Nice blood-red advert.
I should be asking you that question? Besides the well known, Blackline "Eclectic" is a good release. This band has a lot of potential. With production like In Memorium utilized on From Misery...they could do well.
Serpens Aeon's lastest, Dawn...slays.
What? Ha......thought you were trying to bust me!

Jan 13th
Scorched Earth (Guest vokills by Nihilist)
Fallen Angels
Funeral Age
Volkulv Tusk

Jan 31st - This show is the shit!
IM show no longer at Tommy's. Now at The Fenix. Doors at 4pm, show starts 5pm. In Memorium will be playing last! After party for Nihilist before he leaves for NJ...most likely.
Last In Memorium gig Jan 31st until the end of next year.
Nihilist arriving on east coast Feb 5th. ABAZAGORATH will begin recording the new full length "Sacraments of the Final Atrocity" on Feb 7th. They will also be performing at the "March Metal Meltdown" in NJ on March 13th.
ABAZAGORATH then goes to Europe for 2 weeks with DEMONCY and KRIEG.

4.1 London
4.2 Paris
4.3 Gent
4.4 Bladel /NL
4.6 Barcelona
4.7 TBA
4.8 Vienna
4.9 Germany TBA
4.10 Germany TBA
4.11 Luzern /SWI
4.12 TBA
No, we've never met. Seen you at local shows, though. My bro registered on SMO before I had a chance. Therefore, I don't post there. Nice to see you and Kevin are back together and to see you here. Cheers!