Iron Maiden - Somewhere Back in Time tour 2008

I want it to be 2008 already!!!!!!
To hell with getting older, Maiden is coming! :heh:
agreed. i was kinda surprised though, their site says 20 dates? wow, for some reason through discussion and everyone talking i was under the impression this was going to be more like a 50 date-tour. ah well, there's no way theyll skip philly...right?
yea, i realized this after posting that you'd probably be talkin about aus dollars. i am speaking of US dollars.

I still say thats cheaper, but to see a great band as Maiden are, I would give them all my money to see them for the last time, as i think this will be...:kickass:
I want it to be 2008 already!!!!!!
To hell with getting older, Maiden is coming! :heh:

Pabla: Bruce will rock your world 2008, let the excitement build, other wise it'll be over before you know it....:headbang:
i got tickets to the second melbourne concert after first one sold out in 15 minutes
this for me will be the first and probably only time i get to see iron maiden
and to make it better they are playing only the songs that made me love them when i first heard them 23 years ago when i was but 13

does anyone know if they have a support act for the aussie leg of tour
hope not...:lol:, I hope its all maiden and nothing but maiden...:headbang::kickass:

should tell you on your ticket, I haven't got my tickets yet should have them in my hot hands soon....:kickass:
cool ok haven't got mine yet either but if it had to be any aussie band mortal sin would be fantastic
although i am not expected to hear anything more than wasted years/heaven cant wait...i REALLY think they should play others. stranger in a strange land, sea of madness...cmon. lol.

I think that if all they do is Wasted & Heaven...then the collective six should be taken out back and given the beating of their lives. That would be a total sham as they always avoid the majority of those songs like the plague. I think those two are a given, and they'll probably play "Stranger In A Strange Land" and hopefully at least one more. My vote would be for "Alexander The Great". Brilliant song.
Somebody started a rumour that they're gonna play here. A friend told me so I ask who's bringing them (the promoter) and he answer: Darren (my friend), I nearly crash my car (driving at the time) from so much laughing. I believe is the first time I laugh so hard at such a sad reality (I know Darren is NOT bringing Maiden).

But if they play here, talk about a massacre...

NP: Z-Lot-Z 'Loaded Gun'
I have a seated ticket which i'm over the fckin moon with as I will be looking straight down onto the stage, with a slight angle:heh: over looking the crowed thanks to pre-sales and a good friend.:kickass:
Gonna be either a 24 hr. car ride or a $300 plane ticket for me to go. That is if they only play Montreal and Vancouver in Canada which they usually do. Really cant wait for this concert, gonna be a damn good concert, hear alot of stuff from Powerslave, Seventh Son, and of course NOTB. Can't wait to hear ROTAM though.
Well now it seems that they're gonna play here on February 26 after all (massacre is coming) :D
yea wyvern- thats awesome! its a first for alot of places- as well as they are revisiting some they havent been to in a long time. austrailia, india, costa rica come to mind.

Well as a matter of fact they HAVE NEVER been here that's why I call it a massacre. The newspaper already put an article about it, is on the official website and everybody is already is state of shock.

I intent to buy the most expensive ticket available when they come out, is going to be THE concert of a livetime. :headbang:

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I intent to buy the most expensive ticket available when they come out, is going to be THE concert of a livetime. :headbang:

Atta boy!!! errr way to go dude:headbang::headbang: bummed the show here is at the Forum, I don't like that venue but whattaya gonna do. We'll see at the presales what tix will be like.

Heaven & Hell was GA floor and the seating imo sucks completley. Let's have some first to the barrier in USA!!:headbang: