Is it just me ?

IMHO, and yes, it is just MHO, they are too into this reunion-thing, but hey, with the cost of living these days, I cannot hardly fault them....... " rock is dead they say.... "
MAD AT SAM said:
Or is Anthrax Just not what they use to be ?

Don't get me wrong , I have great respect . I also meet them in 2002 and they were a bunch of really cool guys .

But I just checked them out in S.F. , I was not all that impressed .

What happened ?:OMG:
It's because they used to bring back their best singer! :Smug:
I def think that the second reunion show I saw was a world better then the Jersey show I was at (alive 2 dvd). The Allentown show was the best show I have been to in almost two years, hands down. Second best Anthrax performance I ever saw (second to when I saw them a few years back in Old Bridge, NJ). I thought maybe the Alive 2 show was rushed a bit. It was an awesome show, but, from what I have seen, and from what everyone on here is saying, they are much tighter now, having been together again almost a year.

In conclusion, it's just you. John or Joey, there is no argument that the energy at least is still very much alive.
spacebeer said:
Frank is da bomb live, without him and Joey the stage show just wouldn;t be the same!

I do think Dan has gotten increasingly more enthousiastic on stage!

Bush had mad stage presence as well, even if you prefer Joey the guy was a machine live.

Comparing Joey and John's stage style though is like comparing apples to ducks. Just two differnet things entireley.