Is this person MAD??????(plus deth and iced news)


Apr 14, 2001
This is a quote from an iced earth board i go to............Coops please take a DEEP breath and count to 10 before you read :)

Original Post:
1). Song Structure: Jon kicks Dave's ass here Bottomline.
2). Vocals: There are these two cats in my neighborhood.......who....while fucking.....wail more melodiously, than anything I have ever heard issue from Dave's Lips.


Well I'd take Dave's voice any day, it has WAY more emotion in it during all albums Youth and before. But that's just a personal preference, and we disagree, no big deal.

however, about the song structure thing....I'm sorry, but I don't know if Jon is that great of a 'song structure' man. I mean, all the early stuff is simply riff after riff, one after another. That's not hard to do at all, and most of the riffs aren't really related, they're just smashed together.

Now, I know the guy who posted that and he is a good guy and likes iced earth and everything, but i dont think even COOPS would be game to HONESTLY say dave has a better voice than matt barlow..........
Im not bagging dave at all, but to say he has more emotion, well, youd have to be just plain mad. :D
(The song structure things debateable depending on your musical preference of course, but the vocals thing.....gees, i tell ya, i laughed out loud when i read that!)

There was a funny quote by someone about daves vocals too, but i will not post it in case coops decides to bring a gun when he sees deth play in sydney :eek:

BTW. Deth and Iced tour quote here by someone posting on the iced board.

Well I talked to a reliable source with Megadeth and I asked 'do you know anything about this ?' and they said 'I'd rather not talk about that stuff because until it's released, it's all confidential'.
Now would they say that if the rumors were total bullshit ?


Whether its just the us or not who knows, but it would be good exposure for iced :)

I hope this post turns out all right and doesnt look like a complete mess :confused:
Spawny... I'm not gonna start shooting anyone... of course if I can get my hands on a gun, then it's whole new ball game :lol:

Look, in all seriousness when comparing Dave's and Matt's voice you are comparing apples and oranges. If you wanna compare Matt and Bruce's voice fine... they are of a similar style, but I mean Dave and Matt are two completely different styled singers so I find any comparison made between them fairly pointless.

Hell yes, Matt is a "better" singer than Dave... that goes without a doubt... but it doesn't nessecarily mean I'd prefer to listen to Matt over Dave... on the contrary, personally I much prefer Dave's singing, even though he's a worse singer.

Now a few weeks back spawny you said you prefered Hammett's soloing to Friedman's... now Friedman is by far the better guitarist, but you still prefer Hammett... same deal with me on the Dave and Matt thing. Just because someone is better at something than someone else doesn't mean you like them more.

On the emotion issue I can't really comment because I haven't heard enough of Matt's singing to justify myself. However I will say Dave's singing is FULL of emotion. However, his voice is perfect only for Megadeth songs and on the subjects he writes about. Hearing Matt sing Peace Sells would suck... Matt could never sound as snarly and as much of a badass as Dave does... also listen to Time 1 on Risk... now if that vocal performance isn't raw emotion I don't know what is. Dave's vocals has plenty of emotion, but as I said I'm not familiar enough with Matt's work to comment on who I think has more emotion in their singing.

On the subject of song structure I have 3 words for you all... RUST IN PEACE... case closed!!!!!

As far as the incessant tour rumours are concerned here's a beauty I picked up from the Deth BB where a lot of people are crying out for this thing to happen.

One dude claims he has inside knowledge that Jon is personally gonna fly to Chicago on May 15th to the TWNAH instore release party at some record store and pesonally talk to Dave about getting on a tour. With all the rumours it wouldn't surprise me if it happened... but my guess would be Jon wants to get on the US tour starting end of Aug/early Sept because Iced Earth really haven't broken through in the US. Anyway, I have a contact who will be attending this instore and so if I find out anything I'll let you know.
Coops, you made some VERY good points there re the hammet/friedman thingo! I stand corrected :) Also, daves vocals on risk are really quite good, despite what anyone think of the songs!

Please feel free to let me know as soon as you find anything out about the iced/deth tour :D Sounds like jon has the right idea, go to the source!