It's Been A While!

Rich Beer

New Metal Member

It's me Virus, thought I'd have a change of name :)

How are you all doing? Sorry for the dissappearing act I did (AGAIN!) I've been really busy with the band / home life / home problems / computer problems / work and all that rubbish! ;)

I know I'm marked down for a couple of songs, but as far as recording goes, I'm way too busy learning new songs for the band and aren't gonna have any time whatsoever for recording :cry: Sorry to let you guys down, I've made a bad habit of doing that! :cry:

I'll try and post a bit more now and am looking forward to checking out what you guys have been up to the past couple of months! (Can someone mail me the myplay details... I lost 'em!)

Anyway!!! Hope you are all well, and sorry if I let anyone down! :)

Rich Beer / Virus :)

P.S. I'm setting up an FTP again, with various bit's and pieces on ( ;) ) and if you want me to, I'd be more than happy to store any IMG files for you :)

If any of you want an account for the FTP as is (Music, Vids, Games etc) drop me an e-mail and I'll set you up!