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Proud IMG Guitarist
Apr 17, 2001
Sheffield, England
I've been working out my finances (And my head hurts! :lol: ) and worked out that keeping 2 internet accounts open is foolhardy and a strain on the old bank balance! So in order to save some much needed money I am going to cancel my Force 9 account (The one where the Archive is currently stored) as all it is open for is the unlimited webspace which now the Ftp is running isn't really needed...

So the archive as of now will no longer be done, but I will set up a public account for the Ftp for you to post on the website so the "General Public" can still access the tracks. Also any e-mail sent to either...

will no longer be recieved!

Just thought I'd let you know what was happening :)

The ftp account for public access will be sorted out tomorrow and I'll post/e-mail details to you EC :)