The Andy Sneap Forum FTP!


Jul 21, 2003
Oulu, Finland
Well guys, here it is!

For those who can use FTP without a hitch, scroll down...

For those that can't, read on!

To start with, you need an FTP software such as SMARTFTP, it's free and does everything all the others do.... just better....cause itäs free! :lol:

The details for connection:

FTP Settings
FTP Hostname:
FTP Username:
FTP Password: undervarjerotochsten

There is no filesize limit or bandwidth restrictions so go nuts, just usual pish disclaimer...

I'm not responsible for files going missing, illegal content being uploaded or server crashes losing everything (Never happened and i've been with this host for a few years!).

To use, when you log in, open the "HTDOCS" folder and upload from there.

The url for the file will be: http://www*sneapforum*celtiaproductions*co*uk/yourfolder/yourfile*whatever[/url]

(I replaced periods with stars so UM would show the entire link...)

And such...

Any problems, PM me and i will offer support.

For single mp3 files, use the service as this prevents the FTP being cluttered and the upload.cel... gives you a direct link to your file.... Which is always good!

If you are uploading, please make a folder with your forum username and then upload into that so if you do need support, i can go right to your area!

Hope this works out for you!
Hey Gavin, did you say you had some mix contest files on your server? I'm always looking for stuff to mess around with at home (especially now I have my meaty new PC) but I couldn't see anything like that on your FTP.