The Andy Sneap Forum FTP!

Wait, I can see why you'd have restricted uploads, but why also password protected downloads? To free up bandwidth?

The downloads were always password protected on my Sneap Forum FTP website. If you look back earlier in the thread you can see that.

Forcing people to put in a rudimentary password helps prevent the bandwidth from overloading, at least in theory. I have the site on a bandwidth throttling system, so that if there is any overage, it shuts the site down and it doesn't cost me any extra, but I would hate to have any downtime as I think this is a great resource.
So the official Sneap Forum FTP moderators are:

  • JBroll
  • hoehlentroll
  • GuitarGodgt

If you want to post a file, just PM them. Remember, post your mp3 clips to SoundClick or other free services; this FTP is for things like gear and plugin presets, full resolution samples, and other user-generated, non-copyrighted, or otherwise free content. Use .zip or .rar compression on your uploads (but please no .sit or .sitx files!), and don't expect these guys to respond right away or to every request, they have lives as do most of us here. ;)

This is how the Sneap Forum FTP will work going forward, and I think it's a fairly sustainable model.
OK, the Sneap Forum FTP is back!

As before, to access on the web go to:
login: sneapforum
password: sn3apf0rum

I am giving the actual FTP password to JBroll, so if you want to post something, arrange it with him - but he is busy and let's make sure not to overload him with requests. Let's keep it down to stuff that is of potential interest to everyone here, e.g. if you want to upload an mp3 clip or something, just use SoundClick or similar services. However, if you want to post Revalver or Pod XT presets, impulses, DFHS 2.0 templates, drum samples you've made, etc., the FTP is a great place for stuff like that.

Any other forum regulars interested in helping out? There are quite a few of you here I would trust to be cool about this.

If your willing to trust me, I have fast as fuck internet so I am willing to help. Shoot me a PM. Like Jeff though I am pretty busy, but I have enough free time to help out. If you have enough people already then fuck it! :lol: :)
what happend with the stuff from the first ftp ? there is a lot of stuff that seems to be missing. are all the files lost? there were some killer samples on there :(
It got taken down (due to content control reasons if I'm not mistaken) and not everything was saved. If you have anything you'd like to put up (and you know it's legal and acceptable to do so) PM me and I'll put it up.

Thread resurrection time... since this was asked about recently, and there have still been issues with sharing files effectively, I get to bump this.

There have been about eleventy fucktons of problems and complaints with various uploading sites and schemes since this was last discussed. This is silly.

If you have *any* problems with FTP access, let me know and I'll find a way to get you in touch with it. (Standalone apps, browser plugins... whatever you'd like to use can probably be arranged somehow. Just *ask*.)

If you have *anything* you'd like to (and, of course, can) share with the forum, let me know and I'll put it up - EPs, demos, albums, discographies, films, whatever... as long as you have the rights to distribute something, and it's something the forum can use (and, of course, it's not something that'll crash the entire thing or take up all of Kazrog's space), let me know and I'll get it up there somehow.

This is a *perfectly* valid, usable, tested, and reliable solution to the uploading problems everyone without their own fileserver will face. This sort of thing is well worth the effort Kazrog has put into it, and it's a shame that it's going to waste for no good reason - if anything, we should be stampeding over each other for the privilege of helping to pay for the upkeep.

I wouldn't have had the patience to see something so useful get neglected, so buy him a beer or two and start using this thing.

In the months since that last post, the FTP has been pulled down. If I'm not mistaken, everyone else has moved onto Dropplace or StuffBucket or Hypershitstoragebox or something like that - I don't remember which one it is, but someone else should.