New idea I had for the FTP

look in the letters for the band names, and if i dont have anythign by the band, upload it hehehe, if i already have somethin, u dont have to upload anything, tnx for the contribution :D
Originally posted by VEHEMENCE
Thanks for the support True Believer

Vehemence - God Was Created
Skyfire - Timeless Departure
Julie Laughs Nomore - When Only Darkness Remains

I get it for Vehemence, but why did he put the other ones up there?

Flash FXP has a 30 day trial thing, but I can still use it after that much I guess I'll be uploading something today.
Uhhh, when I tryed to sign on as TB it said too many users on for that account, so I got on upload. Does that mean someone's using my account?
uh, im at a screen that has some vader mp3s, and a couple of folders, and if i click on parent directory it takes me nowhere, how am i supposed to get to the upload section?
How have I not uploaded An Angels Funeral yet?

I will continue to edit this post with what I have uploaded (that is until I get bored and move on to another distraction).

Agathodaimon - An Angels Funeral - melodic black
Actual Time - 330 - instrumental metal
Hin Onde - Through Sinister Landscapes - viking metal
Overkill - Evil Never Dies (live) - thrash...
Neurosis - A Sun That Never Sets - ambient