New idea I had for the FTP

OK, after finding that some of the bands I wanted to add were already there, this is my revised list.

Amaran- "Rusty Warhorse" Swedish Melodic Death riffs w/ clean female vocals, cool combo.

Armageddon- "Heart Of Ice" Chris Amott's side project w/ him singing.

Cronic Disorder- "With Reckless Abandon" Death/Thrash!

Deceased- "The Silent Creature" More Death/Thrash by the masters.

Deep- "The Reach Of Envy" American Melodic Death

Doctor Butcher- "Season Of The Witch" Former/current Savatage vocalist, Jon Oliva's band. Much heavier than Savatage.

Flotsam & Jetsam- "I Live You Die" Killer Thrash/Speed.

Gamma Ray- "Damn The Machine" Kai Hansen RULES!!

Grim Reaper- "Night Of The Vampire" Cheezy, I know, but still great!

Ion Vein- "Static Vision" American Power Metal.

K-Octave- "Breakneck" Great new band from NC.

Kreator- "People Of The Lie" Classic German Thrash.

Macabre- "Drill Bit Lobotomy" Murder Metal!!!

Nasty Savage- "Gladiator" Plain ol' Heavy Metal!!

Powermad- "Terminator" Speed/Thrash, wish these guys had stayed around.

Stygian- "Behind Death's Door" Speed/Thrash.

Sword- "Stoned Again" Goddamn, stoned again, some people on here should be able to relate. :)

Warlock- "Time To Die" Doro, Metal Goddess!!!

Winterkill- "Tokyo's Burning" Local band, pretty good power metal.

Wrath- "R.I.P.(Ripped Into Pieces)" :headbang: