New idea I had for the FTP

I'm uploading:
Abolisher-Standing in a Different Light
In the near future (tomorrow and Thursday and probably Friday because of my slow connection.) I'm going to upload:
HIM-Our Diabolikal Rapture
Lacuna Coil-When a Dead Man Walks
Lake of Tears-Autumn Rain
Stormlord-A Sight Inwards
Fates Warning-Monument
King Crimson-Court of the Crimson King
Porcupine Tree-Even Less
And I want to give you a Spock's Beard song, but I'll have to download it again.
Oh, and I just wanted to say that I couldn't get that first upload link that's on the first page to work (probably my stupid internet!!!), so I just uploaded directly into the A folder in the looking for folder. Hope that's ok.