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update: Sanctuary - 1988.05.20 - Essen, Germany has been ripped to my computer, right now i'm encoding it into VCD-compatible mpeg, then im gonna put a tag in the beginning of it (to advertise the EFnet-based bootleg ripping group ill be ripping stuff for, then ill cut the 4 tracks:
Battle Angels
Interview (not with the band)
Die For My Sins
White Rabbit
then i'll put the FTP back up for you all to get

oh, I have that for 2 years already. pay attn to what Warrel is saying.... "Guten Tag, Essen. We are Sanctuary, and we're aaaall the way from Seattle, Washington, the United States, and we are very happy to be here, cuz we heard that german p (stop. like spitting almost. LOL) crowds are the fuckin' craziest in the whole goddamn world!!!" or something like that, maybe I forgot a word or two... but it's amazing. :) :) :) oh, and "This is a song about a little girl, who had bad acid trip... " guess about whom? my fav from that is Die For My Sins, which is my fav from the first album as well.
"we heard german p*spitting*IT crowds are the fucking craziest in the whole god damn world!" lol good vid :D offa the first album, my favorite would have to be Veil of Disguise or Sanctuary... Battle Angels is close behind
Battle Angels .. yes it cuts in, and Die For My Sins too, it's more than cutting in...:rolleyes: :bah: well, the guy that dubbed it had it on tape just like that....

and Veil of Disguise is my second fav. :)

he must have been 22, if he's 36 now, and he is... :guh: he is? damn, he looks like his 40 plus... hmm.... good.