The Andy Sneap Forum FTP!

Not yet, i have "legal issues" to work out with regards to TOS and this....

When i find a workable solution, i will put it online.

People need to stop PMing me.
Nah, it's not bad, just apparantly since this isn't linked to web content, it violates TOS, so i'm looking at a web based setup...
Gavin if you want i can host everything on my server. No BS no TOS to deal with I own the fucking thing ... lol

Connection may not be AS FAST as what you guys had but its still unlimited storage and bandwidth.

I dont pop in here often so PM me on UM or email me at jcohenlv()gmail*com
Hey guys,

With total sympathy for Gavin, and no disrespect intended, I've decided to set up my own Sneap Forum FTP. Its success obviously depends on 1) us all participating and 2) us all being good and not uploading anything illegal in any way. If all goes well, it stays up forever. If one person fucks up, I shut it down forever.

With that understood, here's the info. Use an FTP client such as Transmit (Mac) or CuteFTP (Windows) and log in to:

FTP server:
login: sneapforum
password: sn3apf0rum
initial directory/folder:

To access on the web go to:
login: sneapforum
password: sn3apf0rum

Upload stuff in folders named after your Sneap Forum nickname e.g. "Kazrog" or "JBroll." Files left out in the open will be deleted. Let me know if you have any questions!
If i can't get this pish sorted soon, i might just do that!

Damn that's sad.
Anyway I think you should edit the first post of this thread telling people that the server is down - that'll save you a lot of PM-spam... (I only read all pages of this thread after having tried all sorts of stuff to log on to the forum FTP...)

Cheers mate
I hate this host problems... I have only 15 GB of traffic on my account, so I can't set it up there.