Thought id just borrow your thread guys...saves me starting a new one..... ;)

Anyway..i posted these comments somewhere else before im sure.....but if u didnt get to read it....was just wondering how your going with the chemical vox jim....???

If uve lost any enthusiasm to keep drilling it out....then send me what u have already cause i thought it was truly awesome and good enough for the final mix without a doubt...

Im keen to finish this...plus im running out of disk drive slowly.... :)

At least send over the verses ( they were flawless i thought ) ....so i can spoil myself with a lil preview or something.........

Hate to sound pushy.... ( i know i tend to come across that way )

Keepin on the pushing thing..........any news on the vox for Got the fire and Icarus Jim? I really would like to have Got the fire competley finished cuz I think the kareoke mix was pretty good and your voice fits the song(you showed it by that first take long tome ago) :)
Yeah I know, I gotta get these done.... :(

I will wrap them up one at a time, and try to do it this week...

I'm having a PC problem also.... It wont stop me from doing it, but its making it more difficult.