Joke Thread!


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Apr 15, 2007
I thought that because the threads arern't increasing so much on this forum.. dunno why, I could start a joke thread^^ and to not make any firewind fan angry we maybe should stay out of jokes about rascism and etc.^^

just... tell a joke=)

I can start:

What's the equals of walkin on a hangbridge and getting sucked off by a gay if you're a male?

Answer: It isn't disgusting until you look down :)

(Drag the mouse over the non-text to see the answer.

Q: What's the difference between a watermelon and a baby?

A: One is fun to smash with a hammer... And the other one actually is a watermelon.
this kid goes to his dad and says:
-dad, I had sex with my English teacher today.
His dad says: son, I think it is time for me and you to talk about sex...come sit here for a second.
the kid goes:
I can't dad, my ass still hurts.
well, you don't seem to know many jokes :S

I'll tell another then..

Q: What's the 3 equals to jumping bungee and get laid for the first time?

A: 1, First you don't know if you really dare..
2, When you have begun it goes up and down alot.
3, and last, it goes very bad if the rubber breaks! ;)