Judas Priest NOSTRADAMUS (sound link posted)

I'm still digging it. I like how it doesn't sound like their last few releases. I don't think a "Painkiller II" would have sounded right singing about a prophet, but that could just be me.

Whenever a band does something a little different they will always catch some hell and as many praises. I like the different approach on this one. Even Rob's voice has a different approach on a lot of tunes which I haven't heard him sing like that on any of the other priest albums.

Overall I think the album is a strong release. The tour is a monster and I doubt they will lose their fan base over it. Remember, the next album probably won't be Nostradamus II, for those of you who didn't like it.
that video is the so lame...
WOW they actually had to approve that?
i was laughing so hard at it, couldnt keep a straight face.
i agree with the record being mid paced and predictable. god, that video is so bad
A prime example of an album of which the whole doesn't add up to the sum of the parts. Taken on their own a lot of the songs are actually pretty good. Unfortunately, as a collection they make for a plodding, predictable, and tedious album.

Judas Priest's "Nostradamus" will be one that gets ripped to my music librarty, minus all the filler intro bits, and the songs listened to in random play rotation along with all rest. It's highly unlikely that I'll pull it off the shelf to listen to it in its entirety ever again. Disappointing.