Just Purchased?

counting down days til wavering radiant! (new Isis album)

anyone else here looking forward to it?
Nothing - The torture of the nameless

don't see what's so amazing about this band, they must know some very important people to land their international supports because the music certainly doesn't speak volumes

oops this isnt the now playing thread! :rofl:

i bought a poster of a hiroshige painting at uni, 18 bucks!
Yeah, no kidding. Less than that, most likely. I'm ok with it though. I buy tons of cds at pawn shops, and I find all kinds of awesome stuff.
Today I bought:

Old Man's Child - Slaves of the World digi
Buckcherry - 15 (for the song 'Crazy Bitch' which is pretty much the greatest hard rock song about having sex with girls ever and has been driving me crazy for ages. I was driving around Doncaster pumping this out of my kick arse black 2008 Mazda and I felt like a real pimp. The rest of the album is... ok.)
Motley Crue - Carnival of Sins dvd.