Katagory V Drummer Hospitalized


C-C-Cool Beans!!!
I just want to give a quick update and let everyone know that Katagory V's drummer, Matthew "Bizzaro" Lefevre, has recently been hospitalized with severe abdominal pains. According to the Doctors, it appears that this could be caused by an undiagnosed case of Crohns Disease, or possibly a malignant tumor. He recently underwent a colonoscopy, and they were unable to travel very far to determine what problem is due to the severe swelling. He is scheduled for surgery for tomorrow afternoon. Although it is too early to say, the doctors are hopeful that they will be able to remove the infected tissues, and Bizzaro will be back in action in 3-4 weeks. I just returned from visiting him and snapped a high spirited, yet happily drugged up photo of the trooper.


Our prayers are with him and his family and we want to wish him a speedy recovery!
Since I've been home recovering I've lost a lot of weight. Some I could afford to loose most......not so much. Just prior to being admitted to the hospital my weight would teeter between 160 and 163 lbs. I was working out regularly and doing some cardio. I weighed myself yesterday and I came out a whopping 136 lbs. I look like a skinny twig. Any way the reason I mention that is because over the last few weeks as I lost a lot of muscle definition. My knee has been flareing up with problems. It will lock if I bend it too far then it violently pops before I can straighten it. Dr. Rabinovich ( the surgeon who removed my colon) refered me to and ortho specialist who did an MRI on my knee yesterday. He found that my knee has a medial tear in the meniscus. It's most likely an old injury that has flared up by the rapid muscle loss. So since Im already laid up and unable to work until april 1st. The Dr. has had me set for knee surgery today. I go in a 1 p.m. for a short laproscopic surgery that will either suture up the torn cartlege or will remove a portion of it. So needless to say, By the end of the day I will be recovering from not one but two surgeries in less than a month. AWESOME! Un-fortunately, this will slow up my recovery in drumming. I was just getting to the point where I could sit down at a my kit a little and attempt to play, but that will not be a reality for another month.... :-(

I've actually been following your medical prediciments both here and from facebook, but never really knew what to say as most times words just seem inadequite. Sucks what you have gone through. One surgery is tough enough, but two...
But it is good news that you are on the road to recovery, even though it is slow. And it is great that you are home now. Get rest.
And then tear on them drums.
Lately, I've been able to play my drums!!!! Its been great. Don't get me wrong I'm still on crutches so don't expect anything amazing, but I can loosely play quite a few Katagory V tunes. So I would say that I'm playing at about 65% of compacity. Today I saw the surgeon that did my colonectomy, he cleared me to work. I will be seeing the surgeon that did my knee surgery tomorrow, and I expect that he will also be clearing me for work......If that is the case I will be returning to work at the first of April. One thing that I have been dealing with is my energy level. The Dr. told me that with a major abdominal surgery like I've have had, my energy levels may not be back to normal for up to a year. Right now I'm sitting at about 60% of my normal stamina, and I've got a lot of work to do to get my muscles up to where they need to be. I'm still sitting at a scrawny 133 lbs!! I'm hoping to get my energy levels up so that I can work out a little.
Time for a new update.... There is good news and bad news!
First the good news. I'm starting to gain back a little weight. I'm up to about 141 now and gaining muscle back in my leg. My knee is pretty well back to normal. I have about 95% of total mobility, and I'm playing quite well. Other than knocking off some additional rust, I'm pretty well back to normal. I'm also gaining in energy, though if I over do it....I feel it! I'm also starting to feel pretty normal for the most part. I still have pain from my abdominal surgery but as of a few weeks ago, I am totally off pain meds. That was a battle all on it's own.
The bad news is that after having a very specialized test done to guage the effectiveness of my immune system against the crohns disease. The test showed that based on current levels I have a 75% chance of the crohns coming back with a vengence against my little 8 inch colon within the next 5 years. When the test was ameritized out to 30 years the percentage jumped up to 96%. What that tells us is that (A) the disease was originally under estimated, and (B) the oral meds I'm taking are not effective. What now has to happen is more aggressive treatment. The options are, from I understand daily shots, and IV treatments at the hospital. The shots are similar to someone who takes insulin. They self administer and is mostly just an annoyance. The IV treatments are similar to Chemotherapy. I would need to go to the hospital regularly for the course of the doses, which would be a few hours a day administering several doses over a span of a few weeks. Then I would have a break for a little while before I go back and start over.
Even after we get started on all of these agressive preventitive measures, I can only hope to get my percentage down to 50%. If I do get in a situation where I have to have surgery again on my intestines, the likely hood is that I would come out with an ostomy bag to shit in. I meet with the Dr. on wednesday to talk about my treatment options. Hopefully I will know then a little better the side effects and complications of the treatment.
I'll keep you posted!
So how are you feeling these days? I can assume you are home full time these days and back to work, and I hope you doing well. Still in treatments at the hospital? How is the self administrating of the drug treatments going? I saw on facebook you had an allergic reaction to one treatment, and you have my sympathies and empathy. I have been having the darndest time with my diabetes these past few months as I have changed medication and dosages and have had reactions as well.

And have you been keeping up with a bit of drumming as you were a few months back?

Just keeping in touch.