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Jan 19, 2002
TOUR UPDATE! INCANTATION, IMPALED, DECAPITATED, VEHEMENCE, DEAD TO FALL To Tour North America - June 28, 2002 INCANTATION are gearing up for their first North American tour for their new album Blasphemy. Joining INCANTATION on this tour will be Necropolis Records gore mongers IMPALED, Earache recording artist DECAPITATED from Poland, Metal Blade recording artists VEHEMENCE from Arizona replaces German artist AGATHODAIMON on Nuclear Blast and Victory recording artists DEAD TO FALL are the opener. The full US tour ranging to 3 weeks will be starting around July 25th and is scheduled to include appearances at the Milwaukee Metal Fest and the Cleveland World Series of Metal. The booking agency Universal Attractions will be booking this tour. Expect Tour Dates Soon!


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VEHEMENCE GOD WAS CREATED DISC RELEASE JULY 2, 2002 WORLDWIDE! Promotional Seekers contact USA and German Metal Blade Headquarters

Extreme Melodic Death Metal band Vehemence from Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A., have signed a contract deal with Metal Blade Records. Vehemence has released their first album entitled “The Thoughts From Which I Hide” in August 2000. Recognition of this band started immediately when this pressing of 1000 self released discs hit distributors from around the world. The disc circulates and has gotten great reviews from countries like Japan, The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Spain, France, Canada, South America and United States. Vehemence’s hard work paid off such as self-promoting on the Internet, word of mouth, and doing their first 15 day tour through West coast America. Vehemence has worked with 100’s of zines always taking the time to disclose lengthy information about the band. Vehemence creates music only for the most extreme listeners of metal and seeks to gain more fans, friends, recognition to take the world by storm. The fierce and intelligent lyric concept Nathan Gearhart presents as vocalist in Vehemence takes the band to a new level of originality with a new style of vocal structure. The guitars played by Bjorn Dannov and John Chavez represent the band with brutal melodic dark atmospheric touches of metal with a technique that is new to the Death Metal gener. Vehemence include dramatic solos that fit each composition and work intensely when in the studio to create a monster of a master piece. The extra vocals of “violently pitched screams” are done by a Canadian bass player Mark Kozuback. The bass in Vehemence gives the ultimate heaviness when playing against the low end of the guitars. Talented drummer Andy Schroeder drives Vehemence into the depths of hell and beyond with his technique that ranges from styles of punk, trash, black, and death. Jason Keesecker is the keyboard player that adds the atmospheric compositions and is an important songwriter in Vehemence in a variety of songs. Artist Evil Dave works with Vehemence to create the sickest stories presented as well getting recognized. The second Metal Blade debut release CD is entitled “God Was Created”. The album was recorded at The Salt Mine Studios in Mesa, AZ in early January '02 and engineered by Mike Schomig, assisted by Will Solaris. The album was re-mixed in March by Juan Urteaga & Mike Blanchard at Trident Studios in the San Francisco area. The album is to be released worldwide in July with great packaging. After the release, Vehemence will tour 3 times for this intense concept album and tour Mid 2002 into Spring 2003 with other bands and label mates in the United States and in Europe.

In other news, a demo version of VEHEMENCE's track “Fantasy From Pain” was featured on Metal Blade's upcoming compilation/sampler CD, entitled Uncorruputed Steel, Available Now! The CD, which is being issued in celebration of the label's 20 years in business, will include contributions from the group's recent signings as well as label veterans dating back to the early '80s. VEHEMENCE's cut, entitled “Fantasy From Pain”, can be downloaded from this location. Feel free to email back this address for further Vehemence information!

1. 01Vehemence-Fantasy From Pain-Metal Blade Demo

2. Vehemence-God Was Created (Full Mp3 128 quality sample)

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