La Masquerade hidden track?

I've heard it - but it wasnt THAT well hidden!! (anyone who doesnt know, put you cd in wait for the first track to start - then press and hold rewind so it goes back passed the start of the "first" track.)

Oh, and just to spoil it more, there is one on Mayhem's "Grand Declaration of War" album - Have fun!!

Well, since there is no any reply to this mistery, I will tell you.

Play the first track, Master of Disguise, and then rewind it from 0.00 to -1.26.
You've heard it well, REWIND it to -1.26.
Yup, the hidden track is BEFORE the first track.
I thought it was impossible as well.....until La Masquerade Infernale CD.

Maybe not all CD players can rewind the CD from the first track, especially the PCs, but try on various Discmen and you will be delighted probably as much as I was when I discovered it.

And about the track......It is full of some techno beats played backwards and the voice is drowned in echo effects, probably reading Revelations from the bible ("...And the Earth was harvested") - and after that you just watch display :
-0.01; -0.00; 0.00; 0.01 and then starts well known keyboard intro from Master of Disguise. Arcturus are geniuine!

The hidden track is probably called Philosophy of the Crazed, as it says in the innersleeve (beneath the CD, when you lift it up, on the left there is a line "A secret audio information can be found if sought" and on the right there is "Philosophy of the Crazed").

OOOOOOooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit!
Man, sorry for I saw this thread only now!!! I have not "La Masquerade Infernale" CD by my side now, but I'll try to find the hidden track! Shit, how coult their mind go so far to invent this trick?!?!:eek: So, I'll try. Well, and how did you find it, discouraged1?
How the hell DID I find it?

well, the first copy of La Masquerade I had was recorded CD, and the guy who recorded it wrote 8.12 near the Master of Disguise track.
I was confused because the track is only 6.48 or so, and I was thinking, "Hell, where did that minute and half go?"
And when you put the CD in your CD player, the display shows 46.21(or something) and the album is shorter than that.

I've read about the hidden track in the letters section of Metal Maniacs magazine and it was some kind of competition in searching for those hidden track.
Some guy found it and I was also thinking, "Fuck, how can be there some track before the 1st track, before the beginning of the CD"?

I didn't have the hidden track on the recorded CD, and when I finally bought the original CD a year ago, the first time I played it I holded rewind and - wow, it was quite unbelievable experience - I discovered something that I have but haven't noticed before.

Think you will be surprised too.
Garm does most of the vocal tracks on LMI - but i remember Simon Hastenas (ICS Vortex from Borknagar/Dimmu Borgir) doing some also. Maybe Kristoffer is Garm's father or brother??
Yeah sorry!! Its Haestnes!! Didnt have the CD to hand! This guy has always been one of my favourite vocalists - him and Garm. Not sure why tho - must be because they are so different to most other metal singers - LONG LIVE THE PAIR OF 'EM!!
I think his name is Simen Hestnaes...

La Masquerade introduced Simen to the whole black metal scene I think, and when Garm left Borknagar, Simen joined them (and approved his extraordinary voice possibilities once more on The Archaic Course, also a masterpiece).
Too bad he left Borknagar because of Dimmu Borgir.

Garm does all lead vocals on LMI, except of Chaos Path where Simen played lead vocals and Garm backing ones, while Simen played backing vox on Master of Disguise and Painting My Horror.

The Throne of Tragedy is dedicated to Kristoffer Garm Rygg, and that's Garm's real name, so the song is dedicated to HIM.
Planetary- what do you have against Arcturus- and La masquerade? Choas path is probably the most dynamic, and dramatic song a metal band has ever put out. Why, because they arent some 19th century Romanticist, proto-Nazi's?
Arcturus are not original by any MEANS for putting a song before the first track.

I've known a few cds to do that, and I'm sure that there are many more.

The ones I know:

Mayhem - Grand Declaration of War
Sister Machine Gun - Burn (this one is the best, a 4+ minute awesome cover of The Door's Strange Days)
Pitchshifter (I believe it was Infotainment? but it could have been

Anyone else know any more?