Arcturus and the Deception Circus

Yeah, I found it really interesting and well made. I would have liked more extravagant drum beats, though, but it's really cool the way it's now.
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I read an interview with garm that they are going to do another album. is that the case?

No, the 'Disguised Masters' is a remix of tracks of 'La Masquerade Infernale' done by Arcturus and Deception Circus, plus a few new tracks. Trip-hop, rap, etc. versions of the original tracks.

Speaking of Perdition City, I can't get enough of "The Future Sound Of Music"! :eek: Goddamn, I've listened to the track for the last hour. I must go buy the CD today after work..
i know what disguised masters is. i meant were they going to do a full length of original material. but my question is irrelevant because the music has been written and the drums have been recorded. garm said this one is more for the fans. will have a metla tinge to it and he may scream again.

and, the future sounds of music rulz. so does tommorrow never knows
no problem. I'm lookin forward to the new one. la masquerade is one of my favorite records. i dont' have disguised masters, but what i've heard i like. i like that experimental crazy stuff.....

oh, ulver is putting out a new ep called silence teaches you to sing in the next few months. that guy is busy...
A favourite album of mine! (I have not owned for long) :)
I LOVE it! Definately a masterpiece! :D
I ask you good folk, is there anything better than the energy and atmosphere created through music? :lol: (pressing play now...oh yeah) aahh happy girl

Opeth, Opeth, Opeth argghh...