Layering samples in Drumagog


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Oct 31, 2006
Is it possible to stack multiple samples with one instance of drumagog? Where I have two or more different samples but they play back both at the same time. Like what you can do in Battery.
No,It is not possible if you just wanna layer one random GOG sample on top of another.However you can create your own GOG samples(layers) by stacking up to 4 WAV files(drumagog 5) on top another by dragging and dropping.Lets say you have 3 samples of a snare recorded with close mic ,3 samples of a snare recorded with your oh mics ,and 3 snare samples recorded with your room mics.They're just three hits,right?Open your DG 5 ,double click on the first of your close mic WAV's .Drag and drop the remaining two in the window one by one ...,next drag your oh mics WAV's in the window one by one !!! on top of your close mic WAV's !!!Now you should see window with options Add to slot 1,2 and 3 choose one and blend to taste.If you have drumagog 4 ????? you should probably get something's a screen shot for you 5.png
I don't get it. I tried that and the sample sounded the same. I'm a little confused with the room slots. So you're saying you can layer samples then? up to 4 per hit right? I tried doing that but the ones I added to the room slots weren't audible. Maybe I'm missing something..

oh okay nevermind. I missed the blend sliders for the room slots! Thanks a lot man. I appreciate it. I now have this drumagog figured out!
anyone use the bleed reduction feature in drumagog? I tried following the steps in a you tube video. I sent the snare trigger in drumagog to the kick trigger just like it stated in the video I saw but when I do that the sound on the kick trigger just goes back to the original unprocessed sound. Instead of the kick sample playing back, it just goes back to the original sound of the trigger track.