Live Show Setlist


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Sep 18, 2011
I feel I'm being pretty childish for asking this, Chris. But oh well. On your UK tour in June 2013, can you make it so that you guys play at least one of:

Sudden Death
Deadly Nightshade (particularly love the solo after the little breakdown/interlude at 3:10)
How the Story Ends
44 Minutes

your solos in those songs are just the best thing ever! I guess it's Dave that chooses most of the setlist, but I think he makes the wrong choices. There are too many "mainstays" in there and it doesn't give you guys a chance to play enough newer stuff or older B side tracks. I appreciate the fact that the tours may not be as successful if you left out songs like peace sells, holy wars etc... but don't you guys want to change it up a little?

Kind regards
I can entirely agree, HeavyMetal. Unfortunately, it's less of a technician's market and much more of the consumer's market. The people who are going to the shows (despite the notably large number of guitar aficionados) are going to want to hear the well-known songs that come to mind when they think of the band. Undoubtedly, it's the case with every band out there.

A great example is Avenged Sevenfold a couple of years back. They actually asked the fans which songs they wanted to most see on the next tour's setlist, and - no surprise - a vast majority of the most voted for songs on the list were on the prior setlists to begin with. Disappointing, really.