Looking for more black/thrash and death/thrash bands worth checking out

Terminus Est

Dec 8, 2002
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I'm currently looking for any death/thrash and black/thrash bands that I may enjoy that are especially heavily influenced by the old school bands Slayer or even Dark Angel. I'd like to be reccomended more of such bands. I'm sure there has to be alot of them, but only reccomend the ones that you think have enough balls.

For instance, here are some bands that I already know and like:

Absu (now these guys DO have balls)
Dew Scented
No Return
Ritual Carnage
Zyklon (they have some fine-ass Slayerisms especially on their album Aeon)
Sarcoma inc.(Daemon's, former singer from Zyklon, own band. Black/Thrash metal. Their debut album Torment Rides Forever sounds like it was recorded in a room with bad acoustics, but I think it's a pretty damn good release anyway.)
Watchmaker (a fine Slayer/grind/black metal mixture)
Destroyer 666
The Haunted (well only to some degree)
Sacramentum is a very good black/death/thrash band you should check out. Get the album Thy Black Destiny.
Destroyer 666
Gospel of the Horns
Razor of Occam
Battalion (Aus)
Spear of Longinus
Nocturnal Graves
Toxic Holocaust
Since I am listening to them right now, I recommend Maze of Torment. Even though they are named after a Morbid Angel song, they sound nothing like Morbid Angel. They are pure deaththrash, with a touch of black metal.
sikth said:
Naglfar (The swedish one, not the norweigan one)

Its great black/death/thrash

The other Nagelfar is from Germany. Oh, and I think they're pretty good but they play eccentric black metal.