Looking for samples (drum)


Apr 18, 2008
Hey guys! I know there are like a bagillion threads proably on drum samples. Inlcuding the sticky DRUM SAMPLES METAL or something (can't remember EXACT Thread name) but. Those links are almost all dead, the ones that aren't I downloaded.

My question is, can anyone help me get some samples (kick & Snare (tom if you have it) for a Modern Radio Rock band, meets thrash metal? I'm talking a deep thumping kick with a bit of a pop/click, and a snapping cracking very mid/high end snare. If that makes sense. The drummer I'm producing has horrible sounds, and he wants me to make it work, and I can't afford to go out and by Steven Slate Samples (who has the sound I want!).

But if anybody can help me out, that would be fantastic. I'll give the sampler credit on the CD production notes that will be on the bands website if they want it.

- Sean.
Steven Slate should offer a recession pack lmfao. Thanks everybody again though, I'm trying to get these to fit the mixes now.