Thanks!! Though now it will take me forever just trying to decide which one to use lol. Much appreciated!

No offence, but that´s the differnce between semi and pro.

After watching this forum for years i know, it´s not about the fucking sample you use, it´s all about your knowledge and mixing skills.

When i registerd to the sneap forum my drumsample library was abuot 200 to 300 MB, know i have the biggest lirbary of the world in my fucking tiny mini world:lol:! How will it help me?
Been looking around like crazy for the Sneap samples (preferably in WAV, only thing I have found is a posting of the Chimiara Tom samples in GOG which will take me a bit to use) but they all seem to be down. Would really appreciate any help with this! I'm trying to get the extra icing on a drumkit right now and I know those sounds are just what I need.
Hell fugin YES. Thanks for the help. I've got a drumkit that combines 5 different Superior Drummer 2.0 Expansions but I don't quite have the tom and snare sound I want and I have heard some of the Sneap sounds before and figured these would could get the final layers in to complete the sound. I'm quite sure I'm right and can't wait to implement the right selections from these samples.

Hi Guys I would like to have your view on how to choose the right sample and the right software to put my sample in it ?? I tried Battery 3 but I have some problem with putting more than one sample to alternate them. Which sampler do you use and from what cymbal library ???

I already Have Steven's slate library which is for me the best sound for kick, snare and tom and the hi hat and ride are cool too but for all the cymbal I always find they sound B8 cymbal !!!

I am waiting for your secret !!!

Thanks again !
Hey guys can anyone help me out with finding me sim samples to those used on 1349 albums hellfire or Demonior or have the actual samples!!! thanks \m/
hey everyone, just dropping in here to throw out my own samples i recorded a while back; they are completely unprocessed; recorded with a daking IV. they're in my sig if anyone wants them.
I've gotten so much from this forum in the past, so I figured I might as well try to give back with a little contribution from me! :headbang:

Here's a pretty nice kick sample I made. Recorded my Tama Superstar 22"x18" kick, with an Evans EQ3 batter head and stock resonant head. Medium muffling, with just a small pillow resting on the batter head and a small rolled up airplane blanket against the resonant side head. I used a plastic Axis pedal beater.

2 mics, one inside and one outside, about 4 feet away under a blanket tunnel. The inside mic is an Audix D6, about half way inside the drum, aimed at the beater. The outside mic is an Audix F14, about 4 feet away, aimed at the center of the resonant head to capture some more low end and slap.

A nice, punchy and solid kick! :)