Would it be uncalled for if I begged people posting TCI's to do so here. Since TCI is too short to search using the search tool.
I had half year searching Lamb Of God kick sample, but just recently heard about producer edition CD. So i got my sample cut out of Sacrament and Wrath albums (i already forgot name of song i got it :eek:). But because it was from gallop it have no decay (there i came in with RenelsGod Fear Factory kick sample, blended in decay). I Think I will make it bit better with time but here you can have Sacrament kick samples in rar and Sacrament kick GOG file
Wrath kick samples
Wrath kick GOG

Also I sliced samples of Chris Adler mapex signature snare - found in mepex home page. Chris Adler sign. Snare.rar and GOG files High hit, Rim hit, Wet hit.

EDIT: I will appreciate if some one could tell how that insane kick sound is made in Sacrament and Ashes Of the Wake albums! My guess is added layer with filtered distortion.

EDIT 2: I have revealed big time what is done to LOG kick in sacrament album. By experimenting with Expander gate effect i found that it can give not-clicky sound like Log and give instead smooth tasty sounding. But i will experiment further to eliminate first kick outstanding.

Sorry for my English!