Holy shit, awesome stuff, thanks everyone, I've been struggling to get some nice [free] drum samples. When I can no doubt I'll end up with SD2.0, but this is an awesome start.

Thanks again :)
By the way, all of the following are dead:

Some new snare samples from me

Some drumsamples I recorded (some of my personal favorites so far)

Stratovarius Snares for you all!!!

my Snare drum collection for you!

Got some more snare samples

Some samples to cut up...

Samples for You

In need of samples for indie-rock type music with 4 toms.

drums samples


Chimaira drum samples here (funny stuff)

Tama Starclassic Drumsamples! (a kit by Ronnie)

drumsamples for all you samplefreaks (another kit by Ronnie)

Tasty Unknown Kick Sample! (another great metal kick)

Tama 14" piccolo snare samples for you guys!

some more samples

My sampled drumkit multitrack in nuendo

Samples for you

Some Kick Samples For You

Tom Samples (need processing)

A Few Pearl Snare Samples For You

Anyone got any snare gogs I can download?

In need of some kicks

MACHINATED's Sonor snare samples for you!

Sampled Kit (Including Cymbals) for Download!

new drumsamps for you! (yet another kit from Ronnie)

Drum samples for y'all...

Monster and Fusion D4 samples here!

NS Kit7

Presets for the NS Kit7
I think this thread needs to get going again. Wouldn't it be nice if we could sort of update our libraries a little bit and share our favorite samples?
Thanks to everyone for providing the drum samples. now, how do I put drum kits together using these samples for Kontakt 4 / Reaper?
Sorry this thread is so messy. It was a valiant effort in the beginning, but every time I turn around there are 10 new sample links and 9 old ones down. There's still a lot to find here sifting through this thread though. I'm glad it hasn't become a total waste.
Maybe a dedicated drum samples Dropbox for everything posted here would do the job, with folders indexed by thread post number?