Hi Guys I would like to have your view on how to choose the right sample and the right software to put my sample in it ?? I tried Battery 3 but I have some problem with putting more than one sample to alternate them. Which sampler do you use and from what cymbal library ???

I already Have Steven's slate library which is for me the best sound for kick, snare and tom and the hi hat and ride are cool too but for all the cymbal I always find they sound B8 cymbal !!!

I am waiting for your secret !!!

Thanks again !

I would try to find a good multi sample and use a vst like BFD2 or Superior Drummer. Multi samples sound so much more real than flat .wav files, especially with cymbals and snares (which is where it really counts) There are websights out there full of them if you google it. Or either of those programs come with great samples recorded in high end studios. BFD2 samples were recorded at AIR studios, London and their cymbals are spectacular. They have about 35 or 40 name brand cymbals to choose from with like 128 layers (3 articulations and the rest are for the various room and overhead mics, etc.) Check it out:

I know everyone is trying to find some good metal drums. I recently recorded some drums for a YouTube demonstration but along with the session I ask the drummer to do single hits of each drum and of the cymbals. Each drum is printed with and without the room mics. To get the free samples hit the youtube link and look in the description.

Keep making awesome music guys =)

Here's some we made of our drummers kit:

Raato samples

Kick is B-Band Ukko on for the click and a Beyer M201 on the hole. Snare is Audix i5 for the top and M201 for the bottom. Snare B is 57 for the top and Beyer i50D for the bottom. Toms are what it says on the label. :)

There's no i50D for rack tom 2 since we didn't really like the sound and didn't bother with it.

Some slight comp and eq was added. Pre was a Great River, plus MR816X for the kick and snare.
Check out the "freebies" tab in my website (in my sig) for a free Vinnie Paul sig snare sample
I know this kit costs but it sounds amazing and it comes in 5 different packs so there is probably something for everyone from Kontakt users, slate trigger and drumagog users and there are loads of templates for 9 other bits of software.

The Mapex Saturn kit is awesome. Completely natural - three Mapex snares and 4 Paiste crash cymbals. The kit is owned by Jason Bowld who recorded the hits.

All recorded through a vintage Neve 8076.


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Here's a good metal kick for blending. Very processed and ready to go. Great attack and solid body. It will do a number on any drum track that needs clarity and beef. To hear it in full context, there are audio demos here (the paid set includes loops, one shots, and samples):


Grab the free kick drum here:

Thanks for sharing!
Have just made a NKI for this. It has MIDI learn option, as well as sample decay adjustment (e.g., set shorter decays for fast kick parts to keep the low end tighter).
Requires Kontakt 4.2.4+

BetaMonkey - Bay Area 7 Kick.jpg


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Hey, I’ve just found some drum samples I recorded a few years ago so thought I might as well put them up for free download incase they’re useful for any of you.
They were recorded in a pretty dead room with good tuning/mics/preamps, and lightly processed with some EQ and compression.

Includes the following at various velocities:
  • Kick

  • Snare (regular, cross-stick, flam)

  • Toms

  • Hi-hat (open, closed, foot pedal)

  • Crash (regular, choked)

  • Ride (regular, bell, crashed)