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Goblin Island - 2006

  • They Came From Space

    A Goblin planet, light years away.
    Mankind shudders at the thought of the day:
    When they came to earth, seeking food!
    Seeking a new home for their vile brood!

    Planet of fleshy resources untapped.
    There was no escape, the humans were trapped.
    Goblins on left and goblins on right –
    Look at the cities fucking ignite.

    The people of earth, look up at the sky,
    Screaming in horror, the children will cry!
    What're these monsters, from where did they fly?

    From the edge of the universe goblins came;
    Cooking the humans in eternal flame,
    All over the world, in every place,
    The goblins came, they came from space!

    Sending in soldiers to die by the sword,
    We stand no chance against the horde.
    Killing the beautiful, killing the freaks,
    Charging the cities with deafening shrieks.

    A flood of goblins to kill them all
    Gathering weapons and storming the halls
    Castrating children just for their balls

    A planet of humans, light years away,
    Show those bastards, make them pay.
    Board the ships, charge the lasers -
    Stuff their young into cradles of razors!

  • Army Of Goblins

    Goblins fight!
    For endless night!
    Swords pierce the armor, extinguishing light!

    All will die!
    Scream at the sky!
    Bleeding on the battlefield, carcasses lie!

    Running defeated, they never look back.
    Mankind dies in the abyss of winter.
    Armies of goblins flank their attacks,
    Losing ground, shields turned to splinters.

    Goblins away! Longing to crush them, to make them pay!
    Screaming in rage on the dirt and the clay!
    Slashing with glee! Pounding in faces and smashing their knees!

    Sinister art form of human debris!
    Horrible sound! Crunching of bone and twisting around!
    Enemies cry and wish they had drowned!
    All of them perish, hot blood on the ground!

    Gossammer nightmares to poison the mind,
    The spear and the ax to help them to find,
    That magical feeling of terror we like.
    Killed in disgrace, impaled on a spike.

    Columns of goblins, shredding them all.
    Hope is lost for the weakened mortals!
    Caustic smiles bring a funeral pall,
    Clouds closing in on the dark horizon.


  • Goblin Island

    They came from the dark…
    They came for flesh…
    They came from space…


    Through the streets, the goblins marched,
    Thirsty for blood, throats were parched.
    Killing the old, enslaving the young,
    Eating our flesh with forked tongues.
    They sailed away on a ship of doom…
    The hold below a gory tomb.
    Prisoners of war!
    Held with no mercy!

    They came from a land beyond our world,
    An evil portal of goblins unfurled!
    Capturing slaves and raping the land,
    They came from a place that was covered in sand!
    They came to earth with murderous thoughts:
    From a magical island holocaust!
    What was this place? and why was it there?
    Goblins are crawling out of their lairs!

    Goblin island; the place where goblins are born!
    Island of goblins; where humans are treated with scorn!
    A magical island in outer space,
    The filthy home of the goblin race!

    I sing my woeful tale about the fate of man
    And the goblins rise to power; destroying everything.

    They rape us, they kill us,
    And then they consume our souls,
    We fill their gut, build their huts.
    Forced to worship their lord.

    Human remains in a goblin crypt,
    Bodies skinned and clothing stripped!
    Filling the earth with stinking rot,
    Boiling the brains in a giant pot!

    The feast begins; the island rejoices
    So many parts, so many choices!
    What should I eat?
    Humans for supper!


  • Goblins Ahoy!

    "Arrr...A pirate, a goblin, and a priest walk into a bar..."
    "A goblin! A goblin!"
    "I know! I'm getting to the part with the goblins!"
    "No no! No, captain! Re-...GOBLINS!"
    "Shiver me timbers!"

    Sailing relaxed, endless blue -
    Nowhere to go, nothing to do.
    Running low on pirate brew,
    Frightening shortage of wenches to screw.

    A cryptic shadow on the horizon:
    Set camp and explore, lest they should wizen.
    The pirates unearth a mysterious grave,
    Could this be the magical treasure they crave?

    "And as the pirates sailed onwards, towards certain doom,
    all they could think about was how wonderful it would be to
    pillage an uncharted island, for they had found an ancient map,
    buried deep within the sands of the grave. the map read 'Goblin Island'"

    Cutting the pirates into bite-sized portions of flesh!

    And then we'll feast on their brains for our meal!

    And then we'll make funny hats from their skin!
    Ripping and tearing, we'll use their organs as toys!

    The pirates drop anchor close to the shore.
    Eager to find out what lies in store,
    Camp is set up near the menacing mountains
    At midnight the necks turn to bloody fountains.

    The goblins come out from their goblin caves,
    Ready to make the intruders their slaves.
    Psychotic warcry, green skinned braves,
    The skin is stripped from pirate knaves!

    "Yarrr, that little green bastard stole my skin!"
    "Who's got your skin now you dirty pirate!?!?"

    Out of the dark, the goblins march
    One by one, through the goblin arch
    Ready to kill the sleeping foes
    To pluck off every one of their toes

    The slaughter begins, the mayhem unthinkable
    Pirate blood is especially drinkable
    Let's make jewelery out of their bones
    And break their jaws with tiny stones

    Looting and pillaging cut short by death
    The cold embrace of a goblins breath
    Broken in half and stuffed into a chest
    By furious goblins with no need to rest

    Ripping and tearing, shredding the bastards
    Pirates are fast, but goblins are faster
    Bandits now slaves to ferocious green masters
    What once was a voyage is now a disaster

  • Goblins Are Better Than Trolls

    Crawl back to your bridges, run away screaming,
    Goblins are coming, they're better than you.
    Smarter and faster, bow to your masters,
    The goblins are winners, the trolls aren't true!

    Goblins are better than trolls!
    Yeah they're better than trolls...
    Goblins will rip out your soul!
    Yeah they'll rip out your soul...
    Goblins are better than trolls!
    Yeah they're better than trolls...
    Goblins impale you with poles!
    Yeah they'll stab you with poles!

    Goblins really hate trolls!
    Yeah they fucking hate trolls!
    Goblins will cook you whole!
    They'll bake you into a roll!
    Goblins really hate trolls!
    And they also hate gnolls!
    Goblins come out of a hole!
    And they sear you with coal!

    They'll tear out your spleen and eat it raw
    Carve out your heart with filthy claws
    Scoop out your brains with wooden spoons
    Blast your slimy carcass to the moon!


    The trolls run through the forests of doom
    Goblins are coming for blood and skin and balls!

  • In The Hall Of The Goblin King

    Shadows fall across the kingdom,
    Goblins circle round the castle.
    Unsuspecting human victims
    Soon to die in bloody battle.

    The goblin king in gleaming armor,
    Stands above the rows of warriors.
    They all wait for quiet signal,

    Storming the royal halls of men,
    The goblins kill them once again,
    And when his mighty scepter swings,
    Man dies at the hand of the goblin king!

    Human subjects slave away,
    Toil and sweat or you'll be flayed,
    Crammed into boxes children cry,
    Forced to watch their mothers die!

    Eviscerating guards, the goblins pour in,
    Run through the castle with hideous grins,
    Reaching the hall of the once mighty king...

    The carnage over, goblins cheering,
    Crimson stains across the floor.
    In the corner, scalped and beaten,
    The king is crawling for the door.

    The goblins drag the crying ruler
    Up to shredded royal throne,
    The goblin king picks up his highness,
    And strips his face off to the bone.

  • Goblin Christmas Armageddon Part I

    "Just as the ancient prophecies foretold,
    December 25th was no longer to be a day of joy,
    It was doomsday for planet Earth.
    It was the day that they arrived -
    The goblins, destroying everything they saw
    And raping the Earth's resources.
    Mankind lay in ruin.
    It truly was a goblin christmas..."

    Goblin christmas, goblin christmas!
    Here comes Santa's deadly sleigh,
    Hear the whispers, goblin whispers,
    Santa's green and you're his prey.

    Goblin christmas, goblin christmas!
    Instead of presents, only pain.
    Hear the whispers, goblin whispers,
    Blood will flow from every vein.

    Goblins are lighting the children aflame!
    Hiding in trees, and counting the days.
    Terrible monsters get ready to raid,
    You thought you could beat them, and now you will pay!

    Everyone scatters and no one survives!
    Entrails of Rudolph are turned into pies.
    Christmas will die when the goblins arrive!
    Leading the weak to the cauldrons at night.

    "Christmas used to be a jolly holiday,
    Full of presents and good cheer,
    But those times are gone...
    The goblins will make sure of that."

    Terrified humans look at the sky
    The goblin cruisers filling their eyes
    As lasers fry Santa, remember my friends,
    Don't ever celebrate Christmas again.


  • Goblin Christmas Armageddon Part II
    And finally the slaughter stops,
    The mighty axe of christmas chops.
    A glorious tree to celebrate,
    Mankind has finally met his fate.

    This is a goblin christmas,
    This is a goblin christmas.

    Happiness and joy fill the brisk winter air.
    Golden rays of sunlight shine down without a care.
    But wait, what's this, a human child, with dimpled little cheeks -
    Tear his tender flesh off and we'll feast upon his meat.

    After the onset of nuclear winter,
    (Nuclear winter...)
    The wonderful denizens of goblin town,
    (Goblin town...)
    Frolic about the countryside and nothing gets them down,
    (And nothing gets them down...)
    Don't wear a frown, because dear friend, this town is goblin town.
    (Goblin town, goblin town, goblin town...)
    Joy and festivities are everywhere,
    (Goblin town, goblin town, Don't wear a frown in goblin town!)
    So let's go watch the goblin clown!
    (Goblin town, goblin town, Don't wear a frown in goblin town!)

    This is a goblin christmas,
    This is a goblin christmas.

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