Your skin is mine.
These tabs are cleaned up, but most are incomplete in the keyboard department, and they don't really use the full power of the notation. However, if you wanna learn the songs, they're pretty useful, I think.

Goblin Island
  1. They Came From Space [text, powertab, guitarpro]
  2. Army Of Goblins [text, powertab, guitarpro]
  3. Goblin Island [text, powertab, guitarpro]
  4. Goblins Ahoy! [text, powertab, guitarpro]
  5. Goblins Are Better Than Trolls [text, powertab, guitarpro]
  6. In The Hall Of The Goblin King [text, powertab, guitarpro]
  7. The Goblin King's Wrath [text, powertab, guitarpro]
  8. Goblin Christmas Armageddon Part I [text, powertab, guitarpro]
  9. Goblin Christmas Armageddon Part II [text, powertab, guitarpro]

sorry to drag this all up again...but any chance of the missing pieces?? even as they are (ie you said they're not all as they are when recorded)

i need some nice heavy music to put through my new amp :D
Sorry about that, I've just been kinda lazy. I added Goblin Island and Goblin King.

Both of the GCA tabs are kind of a huge mess because we wrote the two parts separately and then changed stuff around as we were recording... Also one of them's a powertab and the other is a Guitar Pro tab. Anyway, if you guys are really itching to try and play GCA, you can start here. The GP5 tab is pretty much a straight MIDI import apart from the first ~minute or so, which I edited to match what I play.

cheers mate, ill have a stab at GBA part 2 tomorrow i think, looks like it could be quite fun to play :D
No No, I used the powertab file from this forum on my guitar pro. I guess it doesn't matter... It was just the bassline. I know what really is supposed to go there.
I checked Goblins are better than troll and I think that the bass is not align with the rest of the song, am I wrong?