Frequently Asked Questions


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[size=+1]Frequently Asked Questions[/size]​
  • Q: Who runs the MySpace?
  • A: The MySpace page is currently run by the whole band, mostly by Tim and Nicky.
  • Q: "Are you going to play in [somewhere]?" or "COME TO [somewhere]!!!"
  • A: Unfortunately at the current time, we're all busy with school and work on top of our band commitment. Our touring abilities are fairly limited, not to even mention financial issues. We're working on getting tours together, and we'll continue to play California shows, but really...we'll come when we can. Believe me, we want to play everywhere.
  • Q: "Where can I get more of your music?"
  • A: We released our debut album January 1st, 2007, and our follow-up is due out in 2009. All the free stuff is on our MySpace, if you want more, order an album. Honestly the best way to find our stuff if you want a physical CD with a booklet and stuff is either at a show, or on google. We apologize, still working on better distribution.
  • Q: "Can I interview you for my [radio station, TV show, website]?"
  • A: Yes, we're down for any promotion whatsoever. Send us a message with details and we'll do it. Phone interviews are the easiest, emails will be more funny/in-depth, but it'll take us longer to do them.
  • Q: "You guys sound like Bodom/3IOB/Elvenking/Finntroll!!"
  • A: We know.
  • Q: "You should tour with the aforementioned bands!"
  • A: Well, no shit.
  • Q: "You sound amazing, give me tips on how to make my recordings sound good!!!"
  • A: (This is about Goblin Island/demo tracks)There's no magic tool or technique. Nicky and I have been recording our own shit for years, starting from the shittiest stuff ever and progressing to where we are now. Just keep at it and you'll get there. We use Adobe Audition 1.5 to mix and master, Fruity Loops 6 for drum sequencing (although 4.2 works just as well). Our drum samples are the Natural Studio ns_kit7free, and the VSTs we rely on are PSP Vintagewarmer 1.5 and iZotope Ozone 3 for mastering. All guitars are recorded through a Line 6 POD Xt using their "Spinal Puppet" amp model. The rhythm guitars are all done using a 7-string BC Rich Warlock with an EMG707 in the bridge, tuned to standard, and the leads are done using a 6-string NJ Classic Series BC Rich Bich. The keyboards on Goblin Island were recorded with a Yamaha PSR-540, but newer stuff will probably be done with Nicky's Roland Fantom X8. The vocals were recorded with an MXL-990 condenser through a Studio Projects VTB-1 preamp. Oh, and all the songs are arranged in PowerTab and Guitar Pro 5.
  • Q: "Who does all the art?"
  • A: The cover art for Goblin Island was done by Jordan Ososki, the booklet goblins were done by Ashleigh, the drawing on the disc itself was a photoshop-enhanced doodle by Dylan McRae, and our logo was done by David Flook.