We shelved a new song... Wanna hear it?


Your skin is mine.
So, the first song to be done after Goblin Island took a fucking long time to write. For some reason, despite the riffs being pretty cool by themselves, it just didn't all come together that well, no matter how much time we spent changing things.

After much discussion we decided that it just didn't measure up to the other new material (we currently have 5 other songs in progress for the 2nd album), and we shelved it. We might use some of these riffs in other songs, but the song is definitely getting trashed.

I figure you forum people have had almost nothing special from us for a while, so here is the song, at its current level of completion, in its entirety. Hope you guys like it.

They're Fucking Back



  • The vocals on this song were done by Nicky, Alex Duddy, and me.
  • The solos in the bridge were written/played by Nicky, me, Alex A, then me.
  • The waltz progression was written by Ashleigh.
  • All the guitar parts were written by me, all the keyboard parts were written by Nicky (except as mentioned above).
  • As per Goblin Island, I did the drum sequencing.
  • The lyrics are crap and half of them were so bad we didn't even record them. Also I wrote them :erk:
  • This is out first song to use Nicky's Roland Fantom instead of my shitty Yamaha PSR for the keyboards.

i must admit, although i still prefer the likes of Goblins Ahoy! and Army of Goblins, its got some pretty dam good riffs in there, and in spite of what you say tim, i liked the lyrics. i would deffinately use that song as inspiration for more :)
The thing is...they're great riffs, it's just we really lost the feel that Goblin Island had in some ways...and the song was too proggy which isn't the direction we wanted to go. We'll probably end up sticking some of the stuff into other songs maybe.