Maiden England Video/CD set

- Of course
- I doubt it, though maybe on or somewhere...
- Depends where you get it ;)

Maiden England, of course, is a brilliant video (altho, IMO, could do with a little more polish...), and I think the CD covers the entire same set, tho it might be minus a few tracks...

If you find it, DO get it cos it IS rather sort after.
I bought this a few years back. Tis good, can't remember how much I paid for it, and I ordered it from a mail-order place in the UK. Have a look around for it, it's sure to turn up somewhere :)

If you can't find it, let me know and I might sell you my copy, seeing as I never watch/listen to it (not for a while, anyway).
Originally posted by Spiff
I might sell you my copy, seeing as I never watch/listen to it (not for a while, anyway).

5 million dollars!!! :) :)
I'd consider it a deal. You've got it in writing, and probably a few hardcopies as well :). Not to mention the backup that a certain brother has access to.

Online commernce at it's best.

Actually, it looks kind of lucrative. Hmmm...

I've got a CD that I tried to burn a bootleg on that failed 1/2 way through, and I've been using it as a coaster since. What am I bid? I'll pay postage. Serious offers only, no time wasters please.
maiden england is a good video, it was the first maiden video i ever saw.
i didn't know it was available on a cd.
they should put maiden engalnd and lad on DVD, i still can't believe they did it with raising hell first, that video is so crap.
Originally posted by Spiff

I'm going to assume that you're serious, Sydo, so consider it a deal :)

Oh dear... I honestly though someone would bid higher. ;)
If you want, Ill check for the video when I go to utopia this friday (if i remember!)
Joes right, Ive seen the video case there too, sometimes they are out of stock though.