Martin Lopez on Tool

Plague Witch

Oct 22, 2002
Pacific Northwest, USA
I noticed the debate about Tool and Opeth. I recently interviewed Martin L. for - the full interview will be posted next week, but here's a snippet of Martin's take on Tool:

KNAC.COM: Now on the website under your personal section you have a playlist, and you mention both Tool-Lateralus and APC-Mer De Noms. That’s not a very typical answer in the Death Metal scene-what is it about those bands that you like so much?

Martin: First of all-nobody does what they do. Tool is just unique; like nobody else. Then you have the musicianship-those guys are genius at what they do. You’ve got the best singer in the world, you’ve got Danny Carey on drums and you’ve got the composition of the music they write. Its really-you know, it really touched me. So that’s one of my favorite bands. Of course I listen to a lot of Death Metal stuff-the thing is being on tour the whole time and playing with Death Metal bands makes you change your music tastes when you’re at home listening to something. When you put something on, you try to listen to something different than what you’re hearing every night.

KNAC.COM: What do you think would be the odds of…personally Tool and Opeth are my favorite bands, and I think that would be the ultimate tour.

Martin: That’s our dream, I mean everyone in the band-that’s like the best band that we’d like to tour with the most. You know, to open for Tool would be a HUGE step in our career.

KNAC.COM: Do you think that will ever be a possibility?

Martin: I don’t know, I mean the possibility is always there. We really would like to do that.

KNAC.COM: It just seems that with the direction of music now, with metal going back to the old roots of technicality and skill it just seems that now more than ever you could get a unique Death Metal band like Opeth on the stage with Tool and have the ultimate show that we possibly wouldn’t have been able to see before.

Martin: Yeah, I think we would really fit to play with Tool, because their music and our music is completely different, but at the same time it’s the same in that we do something that nobody else does. And just that thing of being unique and having hard parts as well as soft parts would make that tour good. I think a lot of Tool fans haven’t heard us could get hooked when they see us live. So it would be really good for us doing that. And more than that, just seeing Tool play for 30 gigs or something-that’s more than enough for me, you know? I love that band!

Fuck, if these two toured together I'd die of excitement long before the show actually got to my city. Lopez nailed my sentiments about these two bands exactly, very different but at the same time with a lot of similarity.
I've been saying to my friends for about five years now that Opeth and Tool (My two favorite bands!) touring together would be a fantastic show. If Tool can take out Meshugga (Who I have never cared for, but I respect their abilities.) then there is no reason why Opeth couldn't tour with them.
they could call Tool's set the Yawn-Fest!

[but give it a cool poster/cover to make up for it!]

Then Opeth could kick some major ass and wake the crowd up!
That'd be cool, but to much of a good thing for me to want to see. I mean, musically, they're both very evolved, but lyrically and as people they're very different, I guess. When I think of Opeth's albums I don't think of Tool, but live, both would be very good.

Now, I wonder if the the members of Tool have heard of Opeth...
i would imagine they've heard of them. i mean, i had the opportunity to talk to a couple of mudvayne's sound guys last summer, they stopped me at the mall and asked me about my opeth hoodie and siad how they thought they were great and whatnot.