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meh, im up in arms whether i should go to this gig or not.
Considering i really know nothing about mayhem.

Here's a run down.

Mayhem= Legends. In every sense of the word.

and Clarky, I hear you on the povo comment. Except beer (and large quantities of it) is my poison of choice.
I think I might stand outside the Uni Bar and watch them through the glass whilst drinking a bottle scotch outside. As long as I can still see the chicks from Chalice it will be a good night. :)
what do you all think of the up coming Mayhem tour???
it should be interesting to see how they go!

I think its good
Because they should continue Their legacy
After dead comitted suicide ofc it was shit
But i really respect Their road Even After Pelle
I have been a collector of letters from dead And euromymous for long time
Have around 7 total

Wich i do sell for right offer


Is anyone interested in buying any memorobilia from dead And euro

If jag are
Comment or send email

Price is
Dead letter 600 euro
Euronymous letter
500 euro
Dead drawing 700 euro
Tapes sent by varg to euro
800 euro


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