Mercyful Fate/King Diamond


Apr 14, 2001
Brisbane Australia
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I just bought In The Shadows by MF the other day and it rocks! I really need to get some more stuff! I dont think I will ever need to buy a new cd again when theres so much brilliant old stuff I have never really heard :D

Next up is Spiders lullabye...I heard this is a great album and it is one of the few KD albums around here which I can find 2nd hand and thus cheaper :)
Mention King Diamond and all I hear is "Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaandmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" from Them. What a shrieking banshee voice. Annoying as f**k and ruins some FANTASTIC storylines in his albums (IMHO of course!) :)
I bought "Them" a couple of years ago and quite frankly it's unbearable, all because of the vocals. Apparently it's a good album though.
"Them" rocks. I ilke "Conspiracy" better though but they are both excellent albums with a top storyline, and King's voice is unbelievable and gives the songs that really twisted, evil feel that can't really be matched!