Metalcore mix (6505, AD w/samples, Hardcore Bass). Please help me with this mix...


Jun 6, 2007
Here's a mix I did for a band I'm working at the moment (KSE like band):

I didn't track it, I'm only mixing it (so sorry for sloppy playing but it's not my fault). I got guitar DIs and I reamped them through my 6505 (using reamp v.2) - 4 tracks. Drums are programmed... bass is programmed too (using hardcore bass).

What do you guys think about this mix?? Is it any good? What should I improve?
I'll be very grateful for any opinions, tips. :worship:

EDIT: new mix -
Is it just me or are the vocals panned toward the left on the "new mix?"

You definitely hit the panning fader accidentally.

The guitar tone is nice, and quite suiting. I'd like some more raunch on that bass though.

Ambience on the lead track please, maybe some more mids too.

A little more punch on the kick and snare... maybe up the parallel comps a tad :heh:
Thanks for your feedback, guys!
I'll check the vocals as soon as I get back home :)
I'll try to fix things you suggested, too :)

I can post AD preset, but I've used some samples on kick and snare, so I don't think it would be helpful. I'll post the preset later though.