Metallica. *NSNYC. Emimen

So does anyone here not find it distressing that one of the great thrash metal bands of our time now found themselves and their merchandise marketed towards the same audience as *NSNYC and Emimen?

This pisses me off almost more than their current music. If Metallica released a new album tomorrow, and I wanted to one of the first to have it - I’d have to stand in line with a group of pre-pubescent boys and girls in their Booby Spears and Backstreet Bums shirts!!

My bitch. :heh:
For the record, it's N*SYNC, not *NSYNC. Note position of asterisk.

Not that I am a fan or anything .......

HAHA! j/k! :D

On a serious note, the Metallica marketing machine must be freakin' huge by now. They would almost be making more money from t-shirts, posters, caps, and now action figures, than from sales of their actual CDs.
Those figures are cool!!!! I can put master of puppets on, flash a torch on and off and watch the figures. Just like being there! Only more metal because they now have no hair and think they are a country band. :D
Why the hell does that Sydo guy keep following me around???????? Im being stalked! :lol:

Good one Winmar :lol: Why why WHY???? Metallica........(Sung to the tune of why why why delilah by tom jones)