Mixing Time Part II - Metal/Instrumental song for practice!


Apr 18, 2009
Hi guys!

Feel free to mix my old song "Source". It's instrumental song and hope that will be useful for practice. There are 3 main folders: Guitars, Bass (bass1 - trilian, bass2 - broomstick bass + midi bass) Drums (Original Steven Slate Mixdown, Metal Foundry tracks - snare/kick/oh+toms + midi drums) and Synths.

Here is the reference mix:

Better quality on my bandcamp -> http://widekmusic.bandcamp.com/

Download Link:


(dropbox link soon)

Tempo: 97

Important! -> I have a small problem with my old midi files - you must nugde your own bass and drums.wav imported from my midi file to 0.00.200 in the session. Sorry for that!

Have fun! ;)
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Really nice job man! What did you use for the drum kick ? It sounds really heavy! :)
That's the drums you had with the file. The Metal Foundry kick blended in with the Slate drums, then a little compression and some eq. I think the eq had something to do with it. It's the BootEQMkII which I'm discovering is really great for drums imo. Not as good with cymbals though as it seems to give a harsher high end than cymbals need.
Thanks guys, nice mixes!

hi all.:) Here's my attempt:
http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12853836/Widek - Source_Mastered.mp3

I do not know how well the bass sounds, because I mixed it in the headphones (earbud):D

And again, thanks for quality DI's of quality music:cool:

P.s. By the way, what DI Box, and what sound card you use to record guitars?

It's really simple stuff - Line 6 Toneport GX as a eternal soundcard - i know it's not good, but i see you guys make some nice tones anyway ! :)
just wanna state that's it's quite hilarious how you're doing this move @ 1:19 perfect in sync :D

and nice tune btw
finally had some time off for this.

Drums are a mixture of custom samples (snare, kick, hihat) mapped in battery + Slate toms and room sound.
Bass was Di + TSE Bod;
Guitars were reamped using a AMT P-1 into power-amp into MB Thiele V30. Mic was a Sennheiser e606 at capedge into Summit Audio 2ba-221.

What do you think?
Nice song btw and thanks for sharing!
Thank you widek for this! This is the FIRST metal mix that I'm proud of!!!

Please widek, could you explain me how do you get such great bass sound out of trillian? Do you share any tips or presets? Thanks!
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