My Bloodstock Experience


Feb 11, 2002
I know there's a thread already started for Bloodstock but I wanted to post my own personal thoughts. This was my first trip to the UK and I was so impressed with the hospitality of all the bands and fans that I met. I made a lot of new friends and met a few people in person I had chatted with on line before. I had had a chance to chat with Steve Williams before Bloodstock and exchange emails a few times and he and all the guys were absolutely great to visit with. THey were all very down to earth, approachable and talkative. The Guys, Shayne (Did I spell that right) and Nadia were awesome as well (Nadia, your comment about the definition of "Small" on Thursday was absolutely classic. I'm still laughing about it)...((BTW, we were talking about CAMERA sizes and how you define small)) and all the fans really made this a very memorable trip. I hope to come back for next years show!

As for the show, I was not disappointed with Power Quest at all, They sounded brilliant both Thursday night as well as Friday. For those of you that didn't make it to Victoria Inn, Power Quest played a great set! I think the thing that impressed me more than anything was the guys played with as much energy and conviction for a crowd of 20 in a small pub as they did for the crowd at Bloodstock. They absolutely ROCKED! Cheers to Soliloquy and Pete as well. They did a fantastic job opening the Thursday night show and they were a great bunch of guys to visit with also. Very talented band and Pete's got an awesome voice.

All in all, a very nice trip!

Hi John

Fantastic to meet you in person in Derby. What a great weekend all round and really pleased that you enjoyed both our shows in Derby. I was utterly blown away by the reaction of the fans at the Assembly Rooms....the stuff dreams are made of.
It would be great to see you over here again next year mate!