My Halford's Resurrection Cover + RAW files + Justin Bieber Doll Burn


Jun 2, 2010
Brasília - Brazil
This is the Halford's Resurrection cover + RAW FILES + Justin Bieber Doll Burn

Well, this is part of my new project, to cover AWESOME SONGS.

For those who didn't watch the first video: Click Here and Watch Deep Purple's Child in Time

My idea was to mix this song with "The Systematic Mixing Guide", but as it didn't happen yet, I just decided to release it today.


Click Here To Download the RAW FILES (MIDI AND DI'S INCLUDED) - UPDATED 04-04-2012

Click Here for Guitar DI's Only.

EDITED: If you are having problems with the midi file provided, download THIS ONE.

Recording Chain:
Bass: Fender Precision - Motu 828 - Cubase 6.

Drums are Superior Drummer 2.

GTR: LesPaul - Radial JDI - Maxon OD808 - Dual Rectifier - Mesa Oversized Cab - SM57 - Neve Portico 5012 "silk" - Motu 828 - Cubase 6.

Vocals: SM7b - Motu 828

Justin Bieber burn is from /ModernPrestige: v=E-J9vzpZFn4

AMAZING GUITAR SOLO by Bemolator and
Badass Bass Player: Nyx HeavyMachineGun
Vocals by Arthur Dantas (fenixdoido).

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Awesome job man, I used to be in a Priest tribute band so I can appreciate this!
I thought that the topic was deleted, but it was moved.
New midi is working here.
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