Halford's Silent Screams Cover - 1GB RAW tracks, Kemper Profile and MIDI included


Jun 2, 2010
Brasília - Brazil
This is the Halford's Silent Screams full cover + RAW FILES + DIs + Kemper Profile + Nuked Snare track.
For those who wants to Match EQ there are reamped tracks and DIs.
Good luck!

Well, this is part of my project, to cover AWESOME SONGS.

The files:

Click here to download the MIDI drums (Ezdrummer mapped)

Click here to download the Kemper Profile!

Tell me your opinion, and MIX IT!

For those who didn't watch my last videos:

Click Here and watch Halford's Resurrection cover (Raw tracks included)

Click Here and Watch Deep Purple's Child in Time

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ah I see. It had already extracted all the files from the parts, I thought I had to manually extract them. I'll give it a try, terribly unaware of what Halford's done besides Judas Priest.
Sure! I would love to do that. I'm holding the Wasted Years vocals, the Another thing Comming Vocals and Somewhere in TIme vocals to record at my new vocal booth... two more weeks or so.
Told ya i'd be back. Best i can do with it right now. Wish it was better. Lots of fun, thank you!


How the F do you put the Soundcloud player in here? Cant for the life of me get it to work.

The last few bars of the midi was missing so i threw some phat beats on it. Also, get the les paul back out, it smokes that Jackson for rhythm.

I'm thinking an old Aerosmith tune, you game?

Cheers!!! Loved the mix! What drum library did you use?
Would you mind sharing your midi?
To put soundcloud here you have to do the same as "url /url", but "soundcloud /soundcloud"
Would love to sing some aerosmith!!

PS. What guitar reamps you used on this? The SLO100, the Diezel or own sound?
good job man, it sounds great!
Could you please reupload just the karaoke again?
Thanks for that.