My neat little Opeth wallpaper thingy

the whale is damn cute! gratz!

Dont think that the fuckwads are only in this forum.. another great forum for elite dickless assholes is the Nevermore board.>> thank you very much sir!

I'm reminded of the newb metal kiddos from the children of bodom forum...shut your faces and go back to listening to your Bodom clone band MP3 playlist while building your randy rhoads jackson. >> and that was really funny :lol: isnt laiho playing esp now?
Yeah but the fans are still keeping it 'true' :lol:. It's funny how every 2nd guitarist on there is either customizing, building or ordering in an RR exactly like Laiho's old one... same colours on the bevels and all. Talk about fanboyism. *goes off to play blue PRS Custom 24 /w Seymour Duncan Jazz and JB pu's* :lol:

Umm since its high-time for artwork dissing, I think I'll lay in my ameteurish piece of shit. It's been posted on here a few times before.